Abby (books2thesky) wrote in linguaphiles,

using simple phrases to practice hiragana + katakana

Hi, all!
I just started a Japanese class and haven't learned much (okay, any) grammar yet. Right now we're focusing on learning the kana. I want to make my practice more interesting by trying to write phrases instead of just the kana by themselves. However, I'm worried that that may be too ambitious and I'll just end up teaching myself wrong things!

So, how easy is it to screw up "[noun] wa [adjective] desu"? Very easy to screw up, so I shouldn't try without having more knowledge of Japanese? Very hard to screw up, so it's a safe phrase pattern to practice with? I'm thinking like:
すいか は 大きい です
ソーセージ は おいしい です
Bad idea? Too ambitious?

How about "watashi wa [food] o tabemashita"? Like:
わたし は ソーセージ を たべました

Corrected the "wa". Thanks guys. Gonna go hide under a bed now until my cheeks stop burning. XD

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