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Silly Old Icelandic Proof-reading request

I was going to type up a whole load of background to this request, but it'd be just too cutesy-cheesy for words, so I'm skipping to the meat of my request. (Suffice it to say that it's a mock-saga-opening, featuring my baby daughter Aphra's name.) If I wanted to translate the following passage into good, normalized, Saga-age Old Icelandic, have I got it about right? Can anyone see any obvious errors?

Original: The Saga of Aphra Nose-Biter. There was a girl named Aphra, who was called Nose-Biter. She was the daughter of Jenni, Michael's daughter. Her father was called Rick/Ricky, who was known as 'the Red'. They lived in Oxford, in X-Avenue. She was very clever and brave, and she was also very beautiful. It was early one morning when Aphra woke up. She...

Translation: Ǫphru Saga Nef-bítrs
Aphra hét mær, er kǫlluð var Nef-bítr. Hon var dóttir Jenni, Mikaelsdóttur. Faðir hennar hét Ríki, sem var kallaðr Rauði. Þeir bjoggu í Ǫxnafurðu, í X-stræti. Hon var mjǫk snjǫll ok hraust, enn var hon ok mjǫk væn. Þat var einn morgin snimma, at Aphra vaknar. Hon...

Notes: Cleasby-Vigfusson spells all the hooked o's with ö's, but I'm basing my hooked o's on Gordon's Primer & hoping they're right. Cleasby-Vigfusson also spells hón rather than hon, but again I'm trusting Gordon. I've taken Jenni to be an indeclinable feminine noun like elli, and I nicked the historic present in at Aphra vaknar from the start of Chapter 4 of Hrafnkels Saga.

Oh yes... and I found a gorgeous late 15th-century style font that includes all the special characters here, and so the end result will look like this:

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