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Starting Latin in school in the fall :)

(First off, I love this community and am so happy it exists <3)

Hello all! I was wondering if someone could help me. I'm starting my second year of university in the fall and need to learn Latin for my Classics major. The problem is, unlike other languages I've learned (French, Spanish, German, Italian), I have absolutely NO idea what to expect of Latin as a language, and would like to have some idea where to start before I head back to school in September cold turkey. Could someone please tell me some suggestions for Latin resources, or possibly be my Latin big buddy and help me out with some of the very basics of the language?

If it helps, I'm pretty much fluent in French, only out of practice due to lack of use (although I did attend a French school when I was younger and am going back to a French city to study, so that's not an issue). I speak colloquial Italian, Spanish, and German after taking language courses on them in university, although you wouldn't want to test me on them XD I say this for the fact that obviously French, Italian, and Spanish are Latin-based languages, so that might change the level of difficulty for me concerning actually learning the language.

It's an all year introductory course and if anyone could just tell me what I could expect, I'd love them forever :) <3

Cheers <333

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