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Korean-English Translation

Hi everyone!

Korean Translation Help and English Check Spelling and Grammar Please

안녕하세요 Hello

Here is an excerpt from a song (written for Christmas) that I tried to translate, -so sorry I really have a poor poor Korean and a poor English... :s-  feel free to give me a hand :

옷깃을 세우고 바쁘게 오가는

oskis-eur seugo bappeuge oganeun

EnglishWearing the coat? / lapel blouse?, (we/I/you are) coming and going (=weaving) busily

French :
  En portant/mettant le manteau/veston, nous faisons/je fais/tu fais/on fait beaucoup (/activement) de va-et-vient


발걸음들로 어느새 부산해진 거리에

bargeoreumdeul-ro eoneusae busanhaejin geori-e

English : Suddently (we/I/you are) steping into the numerous/many districts in Pusan/Busan (city)

French : Soudain nous entrons/tu entres/j'entre/on entre (dans ce qu'est devenue) dans les nombreuses petites rues (en morceaux/lambeaux) de Pusan/Busan (ville)


소중한 사람의 이름 부르며

sojunghan saram-ui ireum pureumyeo

English : Singing the name of precious people/someone special

French : Chantant les noms des êtres chers.

작은 손을 흔드는 연인들의 목소리

jakeun son-eur heundeu-neun yeonindeur-ui moksori

English : Lovers' (Lover's) voice (and) waving small hands / The voice of Lovers who are waving (their) small hands

French : La voix des amoureux qui secouent/secouant/remuant leurs petites mains

12월의 거리는 어딘지 모를 따스함 속에

sibi-wol-ui geori-neun eodinji moreur ttaseuham sok-e

EnglishThe distance (/the street?) of nowhere (there is no distance) in December Warmth

French :  La distance de nulle part dans la Chaleur de Décembre/ La distance (la rue?) est nulle/n'existe pas dans la Chaleur (l'Ambiance) de Décembre

오랜 친구처럼 반가운 얼굴로 겨울과 인사를 하지

oraen chingu-cheoreom banga-un eorgul-ro gyeo-ur-kwa insa-reur haji

English : Like old friends, without a word, facing the winter (without (speaking) a word)

French : Comme de (bons) vieux amis, (qui sont/faisant) face à l'hiver, sans (se) parler/paroles/un mot

Thank you very much!  너무 감사합니다!
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