the feline enigma (rubix_cube_cat) wrote in linguaphiles,
the feline enigma

Questions for native Californians

I have some questions for my fellow native Californians. (And by native I don't JUST mean born and raised here, but at least currently living here and for a decent amount of time.)

1) Do you ever refer to our state as "Cali" or the southern region as "SoCal"?

2) Do you have any nicknames for any cities and/or regions of our state?

Where you are currently living and where you are originally from would be helpful too. :)

1) I NEVER use Cali (it sounds so awkward and foreign). I don't ever use SoCal either (at least not in speech), but it doesn't strike me as unusual because I hear it in commercials all the time.

2) I used to live in a city called Thousand Oaks, which just about everyone who does or ever has lived there calls "T.O." And when I was going to school in Santa Cruz (which I used to call SC, even though I know that means USC for most Californians), I found that some people would call the Silicon Valley "the Valley" -- which was weird because the same term to me was the San Fernando Valley! Also, as an aside, I HATE when people call Orange County "the OC" and I've recently heard the term "the IE" come up every now and then to describe the Inland Empire.

And I currently live in Simi Valley (Slimy Valley if you're feeling disparaging). Born and lived in southern California for most of my life. :)

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