Bang * Bang (kurasune) wrote in linguaphiles,
Bang * Bang

Desperately searching for a word

 Hello all,

I've been looking for a word that means the following:

Say you're walking down the street, and a pretty girl catches your eye.  You want to see more of her, but as you walk, a truck, or a tree, or something is continually in your line of sight.  Furthermore, she is moving too, and her position in relation to yours is constantly behind the thing that is blocking your view.
I'm sure everyone has had this rather frustrating experience, (especially when looking at things on a sightseeing vacation) and it would relieve my own frustration somewhat if I can yell out, "goddamnit!  I'm trying to look at her but can't because of _______!"
Please help me fill in the blank.
TIA for your help!

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