zireael07 (zireael07) wrote in linguaphiles,

Greetings and a question from a new member

I'm a Polish native speaker, fluent in English and I've been learning German and Spanish for 6 and 2 years respectively. I'm studying English at university.

1) How do you write IPA on a computer? (on a page, here or in a word processor)

2) non-native Spanish speakers: how do you pronounce the initial sound in vino? I know the Spanish have their own sound, a go-between in the middle of [b] and [v]. And you? Do you pronounce it as [v], or as [b]? I tend to pronounce it as [v]....

3) Do the Spanish speakers differentiate between [s] and [z] sounds? My native speaker from Venezuela didn't.

4) How do you pronounce ll (ele doble, in words like llamar, Sevilla, maravilla, Castilla)? Both the native speaker mentioned above and my Polish teacher with a Castillan accent pronounced it like the final sound in the English word image...
Tags: spanish

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