juicerose (juicerose) wrote in linguaphiles,

Short - hopefully - introduction

Hey! I'm Alice, from Italy. I'm 18. I'm very interested in languages, even if I can't really say I'm keen on the Romantic ones, I like to go for something different from my own language. I'm very fluent in Italian and I want to acquire fluency in English, too. I also speak(ish?) French. I've been studying it for years (like, 11) but I kind of gave up. I still study it at school, but I'm no longer interested right now since we only study literature and history, and what's more with these two subjects I don't learn any new words that could be really useful to travel or live in a francophone country, and I'm more of a grammar&conversation type of girl. I'll see in the future, if I ever need French. BTW, I'm supposed to go to Sweden next year and stay there for 5 years for university. I'll study in English but I'm also willing to learn Swedish which seems such a wonderful language to me. I've started doing something on my own, with Swedish-only books, which, I have to admit, is actually easier than working with Swedish-Italian or Swedish-English books, perhaps because I have to figure things out thus I remember them better. Well, if someone ever needs to have a chat in Italian, or has to clear some doubts, I'm here. And I hope someone Swedish will be able to help me, too! Bye ♥

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