iwantsleeep (iwantsleeep) wrote in linguaphiles,

Learn English. Some troubles with tenses.

Can anyone in this community explain to me by simple tongue - how to use tenses in eng. language?
I have been studying is since Oct. last year - when i had a lot of money, freedom and rage spirit in my mind. Also, i had learnt English it school, but u know... it was really difficult, because i had some troubles in communication with our great director, teachers, schoolboys and schoolgirls.
Boring( I have never been in London, Manchester, Los Angeles. But i want! So, we go away from theme...
And if someone will tell me about english tenses more - it could be good. Also if u need to improve your Russian - we can do some culturical exchange (especially i will glad to see girls).
So, my skype name: iwantsleeep, lj: this (it is not adress - i meant lj, what you are seeing now above this post), ICQ: 442-271-653

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