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God kväll!

Hi! I'm Beth, super-bouncy and more than a little bit silly, and I have to confess that I'm crazy when it comes to languages. I have a list of, at the last count, thirteen (Swedish, Dutch, Italian, Irish Gaelic, Welsh, Greek, Mandarin, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Arabic) on top of the three (English, French and German) which I already speak to a passable standard. I'm a native English speaker (and can also speak Yorkshire dialect, if a little haltingly), and studying both French and German at A2-Level next school year, and then thinking to go on to study a BA Modern Languages in German, Dutch and Russian at Sheffield University if I get the required grades (ABB, if anyone's interested).

However, German grammar is something of a weak point of mine - the cases make me want to shoot myself in the head, and after six months of studying them I STILL cannot get my head around them further than the fact that my German teacher hates us using the Dative where we could use the Genitive instead (das Auto von meinem Vater / meines Vaters Auto etc.) - so any helpful pointers or tips with that would be most appreciated. c:
My Swedish is, thanks to a friend, passable introductory; my Dutch is poor, and my Mandarin doesn't even bear thinking about. I hope to improve all three of those as best I can, and a headstart in Dutch would obviously be good for university plans and also because I'm hoping, if possible, to become an English teacher in a school abroad (preferably the Netherlands). I do have an intense interest in Dutch but I find pronunciation difficult (probably because I'm English and born to monoglot parents, thus brought up to believe that the comprehensible world stops at Dover). I have been to Amsterdam (and was the only one in the family brave enough to greet people with 'Goede dag!' and say 'Dank u', if with a somewhat Germanic accent) but other than that I'm relatively unschooled when it comes to the Netherlands and their culture, so it'd be great if anyone could help with that too.
Either way, that's my introduction. Nice to meet you all. Sorry for all the 'HALP ME ;_;' in this post.
P.S. Yes, that's Eddie and Alex Van Halen in my icon. Blame them for an obsession with all things Dutch. :D
Tags: dutch, english, english dialects, french, german, introductions, mandarin, swedish

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