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Sy'u Ma!

Sy'u Ma (Honorative Noun; colloquial): Hello. I've been engaged in a long-term recall project where I've been retrieving words, historical and cultural bits from a language I used to speak in a past life. The language is called Yal Dawo (lit. "Borrowed Tongue") and it comes from another planet, which is the subject of what I hope shall be a series of best-selling science-fiction novels. Back in the ink and paper days I was part of a Language Apa called "Linguiça" where I could geek about Yal Dawo to my heart's content. Much of the fannish audience online, however, seems more oriented toward English.

Anyway, here's what I've written so far:

The Touching Lands Dance: The theft of some cutting-edge technology draws together two communities whose flying islands are about to collide.

The Telepaths' Song: A psychic becomes the new priest in town on a flying island about to drift into the equivalent of the Battle of Midway, where she must ultimately choose her path.

A Dance in White Time: A (different) priest and her son are separated in arctic weather by an air crash. She faces a small town's hidden mystery. He tries to find his mother and encounters a species out of legend--and out of bounds to his people.

I just rewrote Touching Lands and may review White Time for similar improvement. I'm distinctly on the fence in re Print-on-Demand; I'd prefer to be recognised by a Real (i.e., paying) publisher first, which means dealing with the eternal slush-pile. The Yal Dawo language is an essential element to these stories and I try to teach things contextually as I go. E.g., "He picked up an iBrejNa and listened for the switchboard operator."

Hope to hear more from youse.
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