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An Englishman in... London

Hello, another new person - I've been trying to post all week but the downtime has made it very difficult! I'm an English guy based in London who is more or less obsessed with the French language. I studied French at the University of Birmingham, with an Erasmus year at Bordeaux III. I then went on to do an MPhil in European cinema (specialising in the depiction of violence in the early films of Jean-Luc Godard) and completed a PGCE to become a French teacher. And then quit teaching after six months in order to move into publishing and advertising sales. I still do freelance tutoring from time to time.

I'm here, I guess, because I'm fluent in French, but shockingly ignorant of most other languages (I can order a beer in Spanish, Italian and German, but that's really about it). Having been told it had never before been published in English, I translated the whole of Giacomo Casanova's L'histoire de ma fuite, before finding out it had already been done back in 1894.

For other students of French, I've written a few articles which may be of interest.
Using the negative in French - I missed a few negative forms off the end, I keep meaning to go back and add them.
The French verb aller - I got a message last night saying I'd written transitive instead of intransitive, ouch!
French phrases that use the infinitive vivre - I'm not even sure why I wrote this, to be honest.
The basics of French verb tenses - does what it says on the tin.
Best ways to pick up a French accent - some tips and tricks that worked for me personally, YMMV
10 ways to improve spoken French - after 'go to France', I struggled a bit, tbh.
Tips for learning French vocabulary - anyone who's learned languages at schools will probably recognise at least a few of these...

I'm very keen to meet fellow francophiles and linguists in general.
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