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Introductory Post - Another one joins the ranks, fancy that...

Well, I'd like to start by saying you can call me Rhein and I was absolutely ecstatic to see a community devoted to languages like this.

I am a native English speaker living in the Northwestern United States of German heritage ( We immigrated from the Rhein Valley somewhere between the World Wars, but no one told me when exactly for some reason.) I speak semi-fluent German (The standard Hannover with a slight verbal tic) but that is because I took it for two years in high school and for another year in community college since no living members of my family still speak German. I'm not all that skilled but I can make myself understood and understand most of what is spoken to me, so I suppose that is "semi-fluent" in my eyes but I wouldn't consider it "being bilingual". I also use German throughout my day without thinking about it because I feel that the German word or phrase describes whatever is going through my brain better than the English and it disturbs my family and friends.

I am beginning my major in Russian this year at university with a minor in Linguistics. I eventually want to do graduate degrees in a Linguistic discipline, I just haven't picked one yet. I would have studied Russian in place of German, but it wasn't available in my area so I had to wait several years. I know very little about the language at this point, only able to identify some of the sounds, can read Cyrillic, and can use very basic grammatical structures for a couple of verbs.

Lastly, I guess, my favorite part of languages is listening to a language from a distance and guessing which one it is based on the accent and typical sound patterns... That and I absolutely love figuring out systems of grammar. It is... really more amusing than is really healthy.

That ends my introductory rant of nonsense, I suppose. If you managed to read all of that, kudos, and thank you very much for your time.

Tags: american english, german, introductions, russian

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