Alisa I. Didkovsky (pteropusvenom) wrote in linguaphiles,
Alisa I. Didkovsky

Romanes "katar"

Asking here for the chance someone might know or looked into some Romanes.

You can ask someone "Katar san tu?" which means "Where are you from?". But I guess I'm confused as to.. do you answer this as "Me sim katar e Amerika" or with the ablative "Me sim la Amerikatar". I have a few books, but I can't remember this even being discussed really, they just mention that there's two words spelt "katar" but both with different stress.

This has just been bugging me forever.

This word is also used with things like "Kadi klishka hramosardij katar o David / This book is written by David". But then here, as you see, it's not "Kadi klishka hramosardij le Davidestar".

Mostly, this came up because I wanted to write "Le phrala si katar le Karpatura(ndar?) / The brothers are from the Carpathians".

I only know of one Romani-language forum, but it's Russka-Roma, and I have trouble getting the pronunciation right with cyrillic. What looks fine to me is weird to them :[

Would anyone have any idea? If not, it's okay!
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