Joon (hongi) wrote in linguaphiles,

So I know this is sort of weird, but what the hey...

I'm learning Ancient Greek in university along with Linguistics (1st year), with the intention of majoring in linguistics. But I'm iffy on AG. I don't know what good AG will do me later on. I chose it because I was coming out of high school having done Latin as well and I was really interested in Classics. That is, until the momentum sputtered out and I thought to myself: "What am I doing? Do I really want to be a Classicist?" And the answer is no. No offense to any classicists out there, you guys rock. But I don't think it's for me.

For those of you who chose to enter linguistics, is another language really useful? Did a living language (e.g. French or German) help you? Because I'm still at the point where I can forgo Mr Homer and Demosthenes and go for French or German.

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