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Dog commands in Japanese

I'm a geek and I would like to train my fake dog in Japanese. I got Nintendogs & Cats, and I'm running into some problems coming up with good, distinguishable commands the game can recognize. I've done a bit of research on my own (and I have familiarity with the language--apologies that I'm not on my home computer, so no hiragana/katakana):

sit: osuwari, suware
lie down: fuse
stand: tate (or tatte?), tachi
roll over: omawari, ukemi
play dead: sinda furi
shake (right paw): ote
shake (left paw): okawari
beg: onegai wa?
jump: jyanpu

Are those correct so far?

I also need help with commands for:

spin in a circle
sit up (on its haunches)
cheer (wave its paws in the air like it just don't care)
say please (this is somehow different from beg--it rolls on its back and waves its paws)

Some of those are obviously completely nonstandard dog tricks, but the game has them, so I have to figure out something to tell my dog!

(In English, with this game, I have a lot of difficulty getting it to distinguish between "stand" and "sit up", "cheer" and "sneeze", "jump" and "stand"--I don't even know why on that one. Must be my Californian accent somehow!)
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