arnezeder (arnezeder) wrote in linguaphiles,

Swedish Question!

Can someone tell me the difference between trollkvinna and trollkvinnan? Is the latter plural over the other, is one wrong, am I completely lost, etc.? As a side question, would it be the word to use for sorceress? I know there's häxa which is more often used, but I'm not as fond of it, and I've only now learned of trollpacka and trollkona. I've been purely going off a song title (Konungen och Trollkvinnan), so I've been wanting to actually get advice from someone. Thanks to anyone who can help! :)

edit Oh, one more. Strömkarl - the mythical beings. If I wanted to make them plural, what would be best to do? I keep wanting to just slap on an S and feel guilty every darn time!
Tags: swedish

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