Rae (covenmouse) wrote in linguaphiles,

A little chinese help

Hi everyone!  Alright, so...I hope this is alright. Recently I've been going through some old CDs I've had for about ten or more years now, and I've come across this pair of songs that I really used to love back in the day.  I'd like to look up more by this artist, but there's a slight problem:  the songs are, I believe, in Chinese (I'm not sure which 'Chinese' language, exactly) and I cannot remember the artist's name for the life of me.  I've been trying my hand at writing the pinyin to lyric search it, but I'm coming up with squat.

For the purpose of this search I've put the song here, but I'm going to remove it as soon it's identified.  Thanks to everyone who gives this a shot.

ETA: Identified! Link changed to a tudou.com MV of it.
Tags: chinese, language identification, lyrics, music, radio, whatdoesthissay

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