The Pika from the Black Lagoon (pikacharma) wrote in linguaphiles,
The Pika from the Black Lagoon

"This isn't going to end well" (English to Latin help, please!)

Greetings! A buddy of mine who hangs out on the ren faire circuit is wanting to make a goofball (and majorly fake) family crest, which includes the motto "this isn't going to end well", written in Latin, at the bottom.

Problem is, neither one of us has any background in Latin, and when I try to use Google to translate the phrase, it tends to spit out something that translates back to "the ending is coming soon" or "this is good but it has no end."

What would be the best way to convey the message "This isn't going to end well" or "this won't end well" in Latin? Any help would be much appreciated!
Tags: latin, translation request

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