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Nancy Drew german handwriting

My german is *okay*, but not great. I'm currently working in an archive whose protagonist writes in mixed german and english. He also has terrible handwriting and his own weird nomenclature/shorthand system. I'm struggling to decipher a lot of it! But I have a few to-be-identified tidbits that I think are probably viable for someone whose german is more developed than mine. 

Can anyone identify the words or make a conjecture about the shorthand expressions in the attached images? Unfortunately, photography is not allowed in the archive, so I have done my best to represent the writing accordingly. 


 This image represents two different notes, both written as the identifiers in the margins of two newspaper clippings (both are written in high german, in case that's relevant). The first word, I'm pretty sure, is Düsseldorfer, but I can't figure out the words that follow. Kaifrig-sau?

The second word that looks like "daüssfu" precedes the words "allgemeinen zeitung."



This pairing is disconnected, just written near each other in my notebook. The first is the name of a newspaper, as it's written "Numberschrifft(? or whatever this word is) Zeitung" in the notes. 

The second phrase is so hard to read! It comes in the middle of the following sentence:

"Sie mussen ein plan folgen bei oder auswahl ihere sprecher etc was keines weg die verleter der II oder gar I(??) relapse ausschliessen darf, aber die discussionen so plannen muss, dass das evolutionaire denken ein gute chance hat." 


3. This one is an unintelligible word that I think is something like "epiez eth," preceded by a letter "v" (I think) that appears all over his notes. I can't for the life of me figure out what it might be shorthand for. If it were in english, I'd think it would be "versus". The context of this pairing is the sentence "Sobald Zeit reversed wird. Wie bei aphasie. Babinski effekt. [v sign?] fit(?) U.S.A. Epiezeth(?)."

Edit: These were written between 1920 and 1955, in Hanover and the US.

Any takers? Thanks so much in advance!

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