biritululo (biritululo) wrote in linguaphiles,

Learning Chinese and Japanese

 Hey all,

I StumbledUpon a website for learning Japanese ( the other day and I've been playing around with it a bit. I study (Mandarin) Chinese now, and while the site I've been using uses mostly kana, there are a few kanji thrown in there. I was able to recognize the kanji, but even when I was listening to the audio, I could only think of them as the Mandarin words. I know a lot of students at my school study Mandarin and Japanese together, which made me wonder: how difficult is it for students who are learning both to keep the pronunciation (and deviations in meanings) of the Japanese kanji vs Chinese hanzi? I don't plan on studying Japanese seriously, but if I did decide to pick it up somewhere down the road, how much trouble would I expect to have with this?

Thanks guys!
Tags: chinese, japanese

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