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Afrikaans help

I'm trying to create a fictional character for one of my fantasy worlds and I am trying to come up with an Afrikaans name.  His character is a young King, actually and I was thinking that he would be "from" or "of" a place.  The region he's king of consists of Alpine covered mountains where the lower regions are enveloped in fog/mist most of the time.

I was trying to find an online dictionary to help but it wasn't giving me anything useful other than telling me that "mist" and "fog" do not translate.  I tried even Google Translate just to get a base start on things and it only came up with what I knew already "van".  I'm still working on a first name, I think I might go with either Stiaan or Morne but I'm not sure.  I want something that flows... most names I can readily come up with but Afrikaans is a new language to me and unfortunately I cannot find any websites that are helpful.

Any help would be great!  By the way, if there are better first names for my character, please let me know.  I haven't quite settled on one.

Edit: I should have noted that I'm looking to translate something from "high mountain" or "mountains" or something to do with the alpine forest or forest in general, or forest.  I'm looking for something poetic in nature nor terribly difficult to pronounce.
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