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English vocabulary confusion


A few days ago a friend of mine and I discussed some English words. To clear things up, I thought I should ask the opinion of some other people. So, dear community members, what do you call the thing that you put over yourself in your bed?

None of us are native speakers. My friend asked me: what's the word for the thing that you put over yourself in your bed? I promptly answered "quilt". My friend suggested the word "puff", a word I've never associated with beds. Later that evening I looked online for some information and found more words: blanket, duvet. And not only that, two days later I listened to a speech and it just happened that the speaker mentioned "waking up and pushing away your bed covers". I'm curious what other people say. :)

My second question is about loaning money. As it happens, at that time we were playing Monopoly. At one point in the game one of the players had to take out a loan, with the Xinsheng Rd as security. What's the name for this kind of loan? I suggested calling it a bond, however that didn't sound quite right. There is of course a mortgage, but I thought that might only refer to houses, not land? Do you have any other ideas? What would you call it?
Let's hear what the Monopoly experts say! ;)

Edited to add: Wow, thanks for the fast replies! That's a lot of information!
Tags: english, howdoyousay

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