pieces of April (aprilbegins) wrote in linguaphiles,
pieces of April

"Quick brown fox..." to Latin

I'm seeking help translating the English pangram, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog," into Latin. I tried Googling it and Google Translate first and got an assortment of ideas, including the following:

"Vivamus et novos transiluisse Canis ignavus."
"Vulpes velox fuscus saltare sur canis puter."
"Velox frons vulpes volpes salto super ignavus canis."
"Vulpes velox fuscus..."
"Hect-antechron: civerto fulverto vulpren; supreit: inersuto cainren." (At least that one's funny.)

Cross-referencing this Latin/English translator makes me think it's somewhere along the lines of velox + brunus/badius + vulpes + salio + super + ignavus + canis (before conjugation).

I'm sure there's different ways to translate it but I have no idea if any of the above would be passable to someone who's a Latin expert. So any help would be appreciated.
Tags: howdoyousay, latin

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