galingale (galingale) wrote in linguaphiles,

Dialects in media - a Danish example

This article in the Copenhagen Post caught my eye because I spent 6 weeks in Denmark a few years ago -- specifically in Aalborg, Jutland.  (The lighthouse in my icon is in Jutland.)

It talks about how movies generally use "standard" Danish for the hero/heroine, and dialect for the "dumb one" or the crazy side-kick.  This practice is certainly common in US movies too -- think of how often the goofball has a southern drawl or a heavy Bronx accent.  (One reason I enjoyed "Princess & the Frog" is that pretty much everyone had a non-standard 

My French isn't really good enough to be sure, but it's an issue in French films too,right?  What about other cultures?

Tags: dialects, movies

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