Transe Macabre (transemacabre) wrote in linguaphiles,
Transe Macabre

A brief inscription in Old East Slavic/Old Ruthenian

Hey there, this question is directed to Slavic language lovers (if I'm lucky someone will have knowledge of Old Ruthenian itself!). This is a brief inscription from two seals dated from the reign of Prince Vsevolod Yaroslavich of Kiev; these seals name his Byzantine Greek wife, the mother of his heir, Vladimir Monomakh.

CФPAГ(IC) MAPIAC MO.AXIC THC EYГENECTATIC APXONTICIC (A.V. Soloviev, 'Marie fille de Constantin IX Monomarque', Byzantion, 33, 1963 [reprinted in Byzance et la formation de l'Etat Russe, London, 1970, no. 6]). Unfortunately, I have not been able to see this article for myself, only seeing the inscription cited in various books.

From what I can tell, this inscription names her as Maria. Other than that, I have been unable to decipher this inscription and I can't seem to locate the original (French language) article to see what it translates it as.

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