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Time Travelling Hebrew

This question could be a product of my recent sci fi addiction.

Let's say time travel was possible.  And that I, as a Modern Hebrew speaking Israeli, was able go back to visit biblical times.  How much of it do you reckon I'd understand?  I figure that having grown up learning Torah, I'd have some advantage since my reading comprehension of Biblical Hebrew is pretty good at this point.  I know their accent was different, but I think I'd be able to catch on.

Conversely, if someone from biblical times were to come visit modern day Israel - and we factored out all the misunderstanding and confusion that comes along with adapting to all that's been invented and changed in the past 2000-3000 years, do you think they'd be able to understand enough to get by?

I wouldn't expect versions of a language separated by thousands of years to be mutually intelligible in many other languages aside from Hebrew, since it pretty much was left frozen in time for a great deal of history.  I also expect that I'd be able to understand my biblical peers more successfully than they'd be able to understand me, just because I know that Biblical Hebrew exists and I've been exposed to it a decent amount.

What do you think?
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