23 blue butterflies (bblue23) wrote in linguaphiles,
23 blue butterflies

Where to start when learning Nepali

There are a lot of Nepali students at my school, and I've decided I want to study the language. Any suggestions for good textbooks (preferably with CDs), websites with audio samples and/or easy texts to read, or anything else that might be helpful? I speak Japanese so books/websites for Japanese speakers learning Nepali would also be OK for me. That's the only language I'm fluent in besides English. Other languages I've tried studying in the past are Mandarin Chinese, French and German. I don't think any of these languages are similar to Nepali at all, so it will be a new challenge for me.

Once I learn a few phrases and sentences I think it will be easy to find people to practice with, and I'm thinking of setting up a language exchange this summer so that I can regularly practice with a native speaker. If any of you have any experiences with this language, I'd love to hear about it. Thanks!
Tags: nepali

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