Rennon (rennonz) wrote in linguaphiles,

A few Finnish questions

1. "Sinä se et säästele"

What does "se" do here?

2. Paratiisi, sellaista tuskin on olemassakaan

Why is sellainen in the partitiivi? And what is -kaan's function here? This sentence just really confuses me.

Also, is there a good book which explains the parts of Finnish grammar like -pa, -han, -kaan, -kin, etc..? because my wife (who is a native speaker) often can't explain their usage, outside of basic straightforward things- let's say for example -kin being generally "too", except it can mean something different in a sentence like "Yyterissä onkin taas liian paljon väkeä" (and then even in that sentence there's "taas" which isn't really "again" which complicates things further for me). It can get very frustrating so if anyone could recommend anything that would be just wonderful.

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