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Jonnie (David Sellinger)

Dutch and its usefulness

Hey all!

I started learning/teaching myself Dutch a couple of years ago. I already had started studying German and French, so it was just a little something on the side. I don't remember what made me start with it, but I liked it and it was a nice break from French.

Anyway, a couple years down the road, I've added on Japanese. I tried Spanish for a while too, among others, and it got me thinking whether or not Dutch would be useful for me to know or not. From what I gather through Google, there's not a whole lot of advantages, even if I go there to visit, because people will just speak to me in English (just the general idea I got, don't know if it's really all that true or not).

I'm going to go into teaching or translation, for which all of my other languages would be much more useful. So, now I'm thinking about whether or not I should forget Dutch and go back to Spanish. It's just that I've spent a couple of years and while I haven't gotten advanced, I got farther than I thought I would, so I'm a little hesitant to just give it up.

So, what I wanted to ask is whether Dutch will actually be more useful than just something fun to do, or if it's much more useful to learn Spanish?

(I live in the US, by the way)

Thanks for any advice!
Edit: Thanks for all the advice. I didn't expect to get so many comments—thank you! I don't know if I will get around to replying, but I didn't want to just not say thank you at all.

I've decided to stick with Dutch and forget Spanish. Yeah, Spanish is useful, but Dutch is 10x the fun (if not more).
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