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Los sótanos de Corrientes y Uribur - ¿qué estan?


Are there here any porteños who could kindly help me with the question mentioned in the subject?
I ran into this toponym while reading a novel by an Argentinian writer and didn't understand what was meant here:

"A las pocas semanas de la intervención quirúrgica mi padre, instalado en los sótanos de Corrientes y Uriburu (un santuario para preservarse de lluvias y tormentas), reinició sus actividades."

What are these 'basements', what's 'Corrientes y Uriburu'? And what kind of a sanctuary it might be to hide somebody from rain or tempest in it?

I'm awfully unfamiliar to Argentinian culture and its toponyms, and Google didn't help me - it only proved that these are not the name of a street or a quarter.
I thought it might be a name of a hospital, and those 'sótanos' could mean hospital wards, and that this is some Argentinian thing to call the least like that. This passage is about the early 1950s, so maybe someone can remember what had it been back then in case the city has changed a lot since.

I'll appreciate any suggestions from you, thank you very much in advance! 
Tags: spanish, toponyms

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