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Czech paper on Latin plants for Caucasian article

Evening all,

I have a rather large favour to ask. I'm currently in the middle of writing a paper on the etymology of a couple of botanical terms in the South Caucasian languages, but in tracing the etymology of one of the terms I'm looking at, I've come across a source that looks like it would be very helpful but I can't get hold of it. Would anyone be willing to find a copy for me? Any assistance will be duly acknowledged in the paper and rewarded with huge gratitude and a copy of the said paper should it be published.

The article is as follows: Kolari, Veli. 2000 Lat. frāxinus a slovanská jmená pro Hedera helix: čes. břečťan, sch. bŕšljan atd., a pro Euonymus: čes. brslen, rus. beresklet atd. pp. 51-56, in: Janyšková, I., and H. Karlíková (eds.). Studia etymologica Brunensia 1. Sborník příspěvků z mezinárodní vědecké konference. Etymologické symposion Brno 1999 (Slovanská etymologie v indoevropském kontextu), Šlapanice u Brna 7.-9. září 1999. Euroslavica: Praha.

Ordinarily I'd post this to article_request, but since the article I'm chasing is in Czech I don't know whether I'd do any good over there.

Děkuji, გმადლობთ, and thanks in advance!

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