darklucia (darklucia) wrote in linguaphiles,

When you hear people say they are studying Pharmacology, do you think they are studying to become pharmacists? Why?

After being asked how pharmacy is going or how life is going as a pharmacist more times than I can count, I wonder why people make this connection. Some reasons I came up with are (1) They don't know that pharmacologists exist (2) Some pharmacy students (and eventual pharmacists) must be telling people that they are studying pharmacology. However, the few pharmacy students that I know (that weren't students I had to TA) say that they are studying Pharmacy.

Also, is there a job whose field of study has an additional "olog" in it (aka if "pharmacists" indeed studied "pharmacology" instead of "pharmacy")?

I would love to hear about the whole pharmacy/pharmacology distinction in other languages too.

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