Barbora (barush) wrote in linguaphiles,


Hello! I'm supposed to analyse an English text, but seeing as my linguistic skills aren't that great, I'm having a few problems.

I have sentence: "I suspected, green though I still was, that Sir Humphrey had created a potentially disastrous situation."
I want to focus on the 'green though I still was' part, because the word order is rather unusual, for me. However, I don't have the slightest idea where to start from. As in, is there any special term that could be used for it? Or any process?

The second sentence is "I was even having to run errands myself, as we were short-staffed."
I wonder why is it in the progressive aspect? Is it for emphasis or smt? Also, does "have to" admit this usage because it is semi-auxiliary?

Thank you for any help :)
Tags: english

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