Rennon (rennonz) wrote in linguaphiles,

Finnish question

What do --kin and taas mean here-

"Yyterissä onkin taas liian paljon väkeä"

Here, I don't understand the use of "-kin" and "taas" (lit. In Yyteri there is also too many people again"), in this sentence it doesn't seem to make sense at all to me.

It came from a dialogue in "Assimil: Le finnois sans peine"-

"Minusta on kiva lähteä jo kotiin
Niin on, Yyterissä onkin taas liian paljon väkeä

In the book there seems to be no back dialogue to indicate why he would say "too", and even the French translation didn't really explain much "A Yyteri il y a (est) encore trop [de] monde(-de)", except for confuse me still at how "encore" is used here as well. Does "again" mean something different than in English in both Finnish and French?

I'd appreciate any help here, thanks.

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