Nyxelestia (nyxelestia) wrote in linguaphiles,

Learning Two Languages At Once?

Well, not learning two languages so much as catching up on one language and learning the other. My native language is American English.

I learned some Spanish (Latin American/Mexican) in school years ago, of the high-school "I'm only taking this class to graduate" variety, but I am interested in becoming fluent in it. I'm also interested in learning Mandarin Chinese, or at least getting a head start on it if the college I go to next year happens to have it for me to take and learn.

Is it possible to learn two languages at once, especially ones as distant as Chinese and Spanish? Or am I deluding myself, here?

And if I'm not and it is possible, any ideas on how to go about that, learning two languages at once? Any tips, suggestions, ect.?
Tags: chinese, language acquisition, language fluency, spanish

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