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Learning a Language to Read *A* Book

Has anyone here learnt a language just to read a single book that hasn't been translated into their native language?

I wish to read a book in German, and it's a rather technical book, so I suspect I'll need to learn bits of German that wouldn't be in normal courses.
(Very highly technical Maths book)

I was just wondering if anyone here had experience of this kind of thing.
I was planning on learning a European language, but was dithering between Spanish and Latin. Latin because it would help me learn other languages, and Spanish because my SIL and Neice speak it as their primary language.

I can't work out if I should try to find technical German courses and re-learn the basics first, or if it might be possible to just rehash my basic German and then work my way through the book with a dictionary in hand, and this comm available, and a German friend available, and kind of semi-teach myself as I go.

Any advice would be really welcome!
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