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ESL Question - Prepositions

Hi all

I'm currently proof-reading a friend's written work and got myself confused reading this sentence:

".. a textile dyeing technique that originated from Central Java."

I first felt that "originated from" was correct, but then thought that it should have been "originated in" in this context. I tried to research this on the net but it didn't really help as the examples I found kind of confused me further.

"This tradition originated in Italy."
"The mould originated from the melted cheese."
"Study shows 37% of tweets originate from Asia."
"Why must all revenue bills originate in the house of representatives?"
"Originate in the temporal lobe."

I personally would use the preposition "from" in the above sentence, possibly because of my Indonesian background, which means I would say "berasal dari" - a direct translation of "originated from" - instead of "berasal di" (o. in), which is grammatically incorrect in Bahasa Indonesia. But I'm very much aware that direct translations are often incorrect and I'm just wondering if it's the case here also.

(I would use "in" in sentences such as: "The technique originated in the early 50's.")

So. I was hoping you guys can help me with this - and explanations of the rules (or lack of) while not necessary, would be hugely appreciated :)


ETA: Got my answer :D Thanks guys!
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