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Flogging some latin textbooks

I was having a clearout, and I found a couple of Latin textbooks I don't need. They're cheap, because I want to get rid of them. All prices include postage. UK post will be sent 1st class, international by airmail.

1) Reading Medieval Latin by Keith Sidwell Gone!
UK £8 EU €12 Rest of World: $20 USD/ £13 GBP


It's an anthology of texts from various different countries and times with vocab and explanations of how the syntax differs from Classical Latin. It's intended for students who already have a good basic grasp of Latin. In excellent condition, I've drawn biro stars next to a couple of texts, but the rest of the pages are unmarked.

2) Livy- Hannibal, the Scourge of Rome
UK £4.75 EU €6 Rest of World: $9 USD/ £5.75 GBP


Cambridge University Press student edition of Book XXI. The language is unadapted, but they've left out the bits about the political scene in Rome, and concentrated on the military bits. There's vocab and explanations of difficult phrases and an introduction explaining the context . It's a bit worn, but still in perfectly usable condition, and the pages are 100% clean. It's quite nicely typeset as well, for some reason. (Sorry, been learning letterpress recently, and I find myself constantly scrutinising fonts and layout lately)
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