runenklinge (runenklinge) wrote in linguaphiles,

(Faulty) Latin Help

Hello dear linguaphiles.

For a termpaper I need to discuss modern musical receptions of a certain epic, and one of the songs I chose (or had to choose to lack of great variety) contains a Latin passage.
So far I have gathered that the Latin itself is faulty (it´s not original but translated from German back to Latin) and that I´ve become somewhat rusty at Latin as well.

Sempiternus raptus est
Te tenebo in umbras
Exire imperio nemo potest
Si sinistra te tango
In me aeterno ardes
Et in obscuritas captatus est

What I think it is supposed to mean:

You have been taken/robbed/kidnapped forever.
I will hold you in the shadows.
No one can escape from my power/realm.
When darkness touches you,
you will burn in me for eternity
And will be captured in the shadows.

in case you´re interested, here´s an embedded video with this song: It´s "Der Ring der Nibelungen" from E Nomine

Is my translation somewhat accurate or have I missed the point completely?
Do you have any suggestions for improvement or alterations?

Thanks in advance


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