Content Love Knowles (contentlove) wrote in linguaphiles,
Content Love Knowles

"no sweat" in Mandarin?

I'm an actor, and I'm currently playing Maxine in Tennessee William's Night of the Iguana. In one speech, (and I'm quoting from the published script, so please don't blame me for the racial inferences), the text reads:

"The Chinaman in the kitchen says "no sweat" -- "no sweat." He says that's all his philosophy, all the Chinese philosophy in two words "Mei you Guanchi" -- which is Chinese for "no sweat"..."

So, I'm guessing the 'Chinese' referred to might be Mandarin, and I believe I've heard something in the distant ballpark of "mei ganszhi" used in a way that might mean something like 'no sweat'...but really, I'm clueless and could use some guidance.

Anyone? Is there a slang/vernacular expression that means 'no sweat' that's in this ballpark, and if so, how do you pronounce it?


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