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Quick Spanish proofreading request:

I'm a NICU nurse, and the first birthday of one of my patients who passed away last year is approaching. His parents are mainly Spanish-speaking, and I'd like to write them a note to let them know that my colleagues and I are thinking about them. Here's what I've hashed out so far:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. X,

We are all thinking of you and A today on his birthday. I know you must miss him terribly, but I pray that you have found healing over the past year. We send good thoughts and love to you, your family, and your little angel in heaven.


Querido Señor y Señora X,

Todos estamos pensando en ustedes y A hoy en su cumpleaños. Yo sé que ustedes deben de extrañarlo muchísimo, pero oro que encontraran ____ durante el último año [couldn't find a good figurative word for "healing"; any suggestions appreciated]. Mandamos de los pensamientos cariñosos y del amor a ustedes, a su familia, y a su angelito en el cielo.

Thanks very much.


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