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Bachelor's in a foreign language vs in linguistics?

 Hi everyone,

I'm currently an undergrad studying Chinese and Italian who's applying to transfer schools (for a number of reasons).  I'm applying to my state's university, which doesn't have degrees in either Chinese nor Italian, so I'm applying as a linguistics major.  The other school to which I'm applying has what looks like a good Chinese program, so I'm applying as a Chinese major.  Right now I don't know which degree I'd rather have, so I'm just going to wait to see which school I get into and look at financial aid and other details like that.  But this has made me curious and I figured that this community was a good place to ask a few questions of you guys.

First, has anyone ever gone from a foreign language program to a linguistics one?  Which one did you prefer?  Has anyone studied both?  What jobs are available to people who have degrees in linguistics versus in a foreign language?

Thank you guys!
Tags: chinese, italian, linguistics

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