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Old English help?

This is probably one of the most frivolous posts you'll see here, all day. ^_____^

So, having no knowledge of Old English, myself, I turn to you lovely people for help! ^..^ I'm in the middle of a costuming project, preparing for the final Harry Potter movie opening (because, I'll admit it, I'm a massive geek). My friends and myself will be going as the four Founders, but I want them (more or less) historically accurate. Anyway, the Ravenclaw costume includes an inscription on her diadem, which is in (plain old, modern, Queen's) English in the books, but which I want to be in Old English, instead, since the Founders were supposed to have lived some time between 900-1100AD (and I totally don't buy the "but it's a magic self-translating diadem!" explanation one of my friends tried to use). Ravenclaw was from Scotland, according the the HPWiki, and I've found some mixed accounts of what was actually spoken there, and when, but I'm pretty sure that Old English is acceptable. Of course, if you happen to know otherwise, I would highly appreciate your input!

The inscription in question is this: "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure." If possible, I'd very much like to retain some rhyme and rhythm in the translation. I completely lack the skills to translate this, myself, as I've typically been more interested in the languages of East Asia (though I've just launched myself into Welsh, recently, so that's a massive change for me...! Lol.).

So, a huge "thank you!" in advance for indulging me in geeky pastime! <3
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