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Old English and Old German Help?

Those of you who watch Merlin from BBC will likely have heard him talking magic, literally, by now. The human spells are in Old English, and a loooooooong while back I wrote an Old English Resource Post for Merlin fanfic writers who wanted to translate some spells. (Warning - post is not that accurate, and is probably eye-bleeding to anyone familiar with Old English...like I said it was a long time ago).

Recently on the show, Merlin has also been making use of Dragon magic, which is apparently in Old German. (Anyone here familiar with the name "Kilgarragh"/it's origins/ect.?)

Firstly, I want to update the Old English resource post, and secondly, I want to create an Old German resource post. Those, or I want to create one giant "Merlin Spells/Magic" post for both languages. Because dragons and humans are totally sexy together.

I'm not going for utmost accuracy here (though accuracy is always awesome! :P), or the most in-depth, but something easy to understand. Can you guys rec me any good links, sites, books, ect. to be able to compile into a resource post for Merlin fanfic writers?

Please and thank you! :D

ETA: So, um, apparently there are like two or three different types of Old German...? *sighs* Okay, so, resources on all of them, Gothic, Bavarian, and Old High German would be helpful.

Here is a YouTube link of Merlin speaking in the Dragontongue (Link). Can anyone identify the language? Or did the production team take some other kind of shortcut we fans should know about?

Either way, and an all help would be appreciated.
Tags: germanic, old english

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