balloonhat (balloonhat) wrote in linguaphiles,

Curious about a Latin (?) Translation from a novel

I just finished a book in which the first chapter has two instances of Latin (?), one of which is never translated. I'm curious what it means, if anything. The novel is set in 640 AD.

"He begins by bemoaning your excessive sensationalism, and then writes, 'Ut turpiter atrum destinat in piscem mulier formosa superne---" (The character is interrupted before he finishes.)

Any rough translations of what it means?

For the curious, the other bit was this: Inceptis gravibus plerumque et magna professis purpureus, late qui splendeat, unus et alter adsuitur pannus, ut proicit ampullus! Parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.
Tags: latin, translation request

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