juliarabbit (juliarabbit) wrote in linguaphiles,

Hi everyone!

I'm new here, and reading sonnekinde's post and its replies really made me curious about some of my own language habits, and if anyone has similar experiences. A little bit about my background: I was born and grew up in Germany, and moved to Hawaii 10 years ago. That has left me fluent in both German and English, although I've noticed that it now takes me a little adjustment time to really get back into "German mode"... so whenever I go back, it'll take a few days to stop switching around words etc.

A couple of intersting things I've noticed over the years, and that made me wonder if others have similar experiences... it seems that at some point I started actually thinking in English, so now I'll have to translate everything in my head back to German, when before it was the other way round. But curiously I still find myself counting in German all the time, and for some reason it's a lot easier than doing it in English! On the other hand I seem to dream in almost exclusively in English... but I also vaguely remember conversing in Japanese in dreams, despite the fact that I know no more than a few words and phrases in that language (my husband's family is Japanese, so being around them might be one reason, although he doesn't speak it himself either).

So that's just a few of my random language habits. Maybe some of you have some interesting or unusual experiences trying to juggle more than one language?

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