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Latin prayer translation


I've been asked to read a prayer in Latin at a church event, but I was not informed until today (event tomorrow) that I needed to translate it as well. I'm afraid I've made a hash of it on such short notice, so I want to run some questions by all you lovely people.

So far I've got this:

Lord, you prayed that Your disciples might be united with each other, in a unity grounded in Your oneness with the Father and the Holy Spirit. May Your prayer for unity grow in the depths of the hearts and minds of all Christians.

Domine, oravisti ut discipuli Tui alius alium __________, in unitatis constanti unitatem inter Tu Paterque Spiritus Sanctusque. Prex unitati imis animis omnium Christianorum crescat.

1) Would supplico maybe be better than oro in the first bit?
2) For the disciples united with one another... I've never been quite sure how to say each other / one another, but I found "alius alium" and I like that. But for "unite" should I use conducti (pp of conduco) or consocii, and does the "alius alium" phrase work with either of those things?
3) How on earth do I say "grounded in"? The best I could come up with was looking up "based on" and I really liked using the participle of "consto" but my dictionary said it was intransitive, so what case do I put "Your oneness with..." in? Or do I need to do something different?
4) Is "prex" ok or would "votum" be more accurate?

If you see any other issues let me know... Thank you so much!

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