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Could someone translate this (Italian) comment for me?

Hello everyone. I recently gave a response to a Yahoo! Answers question about space colonization, and when the Best Answer was chosen, the asker gave two comments: one in English (a simple thank you for a helpful answer), and a lengthier one in Italian, which I don't speak. If anyone hear would care to translate, I'd be very grateful! :)

Here it is:

Ho chiesto perché si è bloccata la colonizzazione umana dello spazio, ed in questa risposta trovo un'ottima spiegazione sui motivi per cui di fatto non è mai iniziata. Risaliamo alla guerra fredda quando sembrava un sogno ravvicinato, etc ...

Given what I know of Spanish and English, all I can figure is there's (obviously) a reference to "space" and "colonization" in there, and what I would guess to be some sort of reference to "war" (?), possibly referencing the Cold War, which I brought up in my response ("fredda" looks to me, though I can't 100% recall why, like it could refer to freezing or something cold. Is it close to something in Spanish? I haven't studied it in a while, I think my vocabulary is slipping!)? Other than that, all I can pick out are words like "quando" (if it's similar to Spanish, it's "when"), and "un" and "la" that are useless out of context. :P

Here it is in the original context, if you need it.

Grazie! ;)
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