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Some questions (Spanish, Indonesian and Japanese)

This is a wonderful community, which I often read, and today I was wondering if anyone could help me with some questions of my own :)

My first question is about Spanish. This year I will be doing a beginning level course and was wondering if there was anything similar online for Spanish, to the German courses on Deutsche Well -- particularly the online interative course, though something like an audio course with written materials would be fine as well. The key point for me, is that I am looking for something that is comprehensive on grammar and structured.

Also, any tips/pitfalls to avoid with beginning Spanish would also be appreciated!

Secondly, I wish to ask about Indonesian, though what I am asking about could also apply to language learning in general. I am slightly apprehensive about my Indonesian studies this year, as last year I was sadly unable to complete and therefore pass -- however I am determined to not fail this year! A large problem for me has been that I am studying via distance (ie. no face-to-face classes), which means only a little phone contact with my teacher, and there are no language groups around in my area either. I guess my question is -- are there any sorts of things I can do to improve/keep up my listening, and most importantly my speaking skills? I have some films in Indonesian, but I am unsure if they would be of any use -- my listening skills are not very good in the first place, unfortunately, and for my studies we are not supposed to use informal language/slang and I worry about forming bad habits.

Ah, I apologise, that was a bit of a ramble! In short: are there ways to practice listening and speaking skills without contact with a teacher/other speakers?

Lastly, I have a sort of similar question about Japanese. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I will have no access a Japanese class at my level this year. (About end of JLPT3/N4 level, beginning N3) So it will be self study this year! I do not have a problem with this, as I can quite happily study by myself, but I have only ever done this before with a clear guideline/framework, such as a textbook.

I do not know of any textbooks available for this level of Japanese -- it would be about second-year university level Japanese, or post-highschool level. None of the universities here appear to use any textbooks for this level, they provide all their own notes. Is there a textbook suitable that exists?

And, if I may, another question I just thought of. Learning Japanese vocabulary and learning kanji. One of the current things I am doing, is going back through a list of JLPT4/N5 vocabulary and making flash cards of words that I only know in kana, and learning them with kanji. However I am noticing that I am remembering just how the kanji look to recall the word. This seems almost... counterproductive, to only learn the kanji in one context/one reading.

I feel like I am doing it wrong -- is it perhaps better to learn the kanji first, with it's readings and meanings, and then some relevant words?


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